Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Num Nummies Monday 23rd Sept 2013

It's a been a while, but I'm back. I signed up to October Unprocessed today and so really need to get organised with a thorough meal plan!

Of course, a meal plan also really helps with keeping costs down, and keeping any healthy eating goals  on track.

This week's plan:

Monday: Roghan Josh with diced beef (beef from our bulk buy last year)

Tuesday: Quiche with salad and potato (quiche in freezer). Lettuce from our garden.

Wednesday: Spaghetti bolognaise with wholemeal pasta (meat sauce in freezer)

Thursday: Chicken, corn and black beans on homemade wraps (chicken mix in freezer). Lettuce from our garden.

Friday: Cottage pie (freezer)

Saturday: Tbone steak and potatoes on BBQ, and salad (steak from bulk buy).

Sunday: Cheese on toast (homemade bread)

Breakfasts: mainly porridge, using steel cuts oats. Some days it will be cooked in the slow cooker overnight, but I cooked some over the weekend on the stove top and it is now in the freezer in small portions. There will be some days with toast from homemade bread.

Lunch: struggling for ideas, wanna share yours? Homemade bread features strongly but I would like to cut down on my bread consumption. Fruit and salads will be starting to make a regular appearance, especially once our veggie patch starts producing! 

You may have noticed that every meal (except lazy Sunday) has something from the freezer. I love my chest freezer! Also love my Mamabake group! I have joined a newly formed Mamabake group in my area, and we have met twice already for main meals, and once for a 'treats' bake up (think cookies and muffins).

In October we are doing a vegetarian theme, and it will be a straight swap. No cooking on the day. I am hosting the group in October and my kitchen simply couldn't cope with more than one person trying to cook. It barely copes with me!

I love my Mamabake group, and love that my meals for the next few weeks require little actual cooking by me in the evenings :)

Our little veggie patch is going well, and we are now able to pick some lettuce leaves when needed to go with dinner.

I am sharing this on Menu Plan Monday at I'm an Organizing Junkie.

Sunday, 10 March 2013

Rainy day glue play

Imogen just loves glue.
It was pouring with rain one day last week, so we weren't going outside. A perfect day for Imogen to do some craft!
However, belatedly I realised that we finished up a glue stick the day before, and I couldn't find any more in the house.
This meant we simply HAD to go buy some more. We were already headed to Officeworks to get my diary bound (yes it is now March, I know) and I never need an excuse to wander around stationery shops. Imogen got to push around a little trolley with a flag, and Ezra sat up in a big trolley that I pushed around.

The tiled area is great for her to be able to set herself up, either at her little table or on the floor. Ezra isn't allowed in the tiled area so Imogen can leave things on the floor for a while before needing to tidy it.

It all started with Imogen drawing circles on pieces of scrap paper and asking me to cut them out. She kept saying 'But be careful, because scissors are sharp!'.
Thanks, Mister Maker. Love your work.
The circles turned out to be the heads of various members of our extended family. And that of Chu Chu, my nana's cat. Imogen then wanted the glue to be able to stick the 'heads' onto other pieces of paper. I pretty much left her alone with the glue - a big risk on my part. But overall it was worth it.

I had been collecting plastic bottle tops for some time, and brought out a selection of those to include in Imogen's artistic endeavour.

Below is Imogen's creative interpretion of Grandma. Grandma got more detail than most members of the family.

We will totally be doing this again next time it rains! I loved that this was something that Imogen directed, with no particularly special craft items needed.
Thanks for dropping by. What's your favourite activity to do at home when it is pouring down rain?