Monday, 26 March 2012

Num Nummies Mondays

Welcome to the first post for Mondays at Unwinding at My Place!

Meffy has learnt that a different word for food - 'num nummies'. We can say that it's lunchtime or dinnertime, to not much response, but say that there are num nummies and she gets super excited!

So, on Num Nummies Mondays, I will post about our menu plan for the coming week, sometimes a new recipe I have tried, sometimes about my Once a Month Cooking (OAMC) efforts, sometimes really about anything food related. :)

The weekend before last I made my second attempt at OAMC for our household.

I did a OAMC stint about 6 weeks ago, and we had just finished everything up. And there were some yummy meals in that batch! Definate keepers for almost every OAMC time.

These were the meals and and other items I planned to make, and final results by Monday evening:

  1. Chicken and black bean filling x 4 (we really enjoy this, plus Imogen eats it)

  2. Chicken potato casserole x 2

  3. Sour cream chicken enchildas x 2 (Imogen does not eat this, as it has some chillies in it)

  4. Tuna casserole x 5 (they are only serves for me and Imogen, hubby is a non-fish eater)

  5. Santa fe chicken x1 (I made 2 of these last Monday afternoon, and we had one for dinner)

  6. Cheesy meatballs x 2

  7. Vegetable sauce for pasta - not yet

  8. Sausages x 2

  9. Mashed potato and bacon x 4

  10. Muffins for hubby for work x 12 texan size (but I only ended up freezing 8, and Imogen and I ate the others)

  11. Two trays of brownies - not yet

  12. No bake granola bars - not yet

  13. Banana bread - not yet

We also bought some meat from the butcher to freeze for the month, with some lamb chops, steak and rissoles. At the moment my recipes for OAMC are heavy on the chicken side.

I was going to insert a photo of my freezer here, but I haven't quite worked that out yet. Next week for sure!

I haven't worked out how to link up the recipes from their original source, but I will do that this week, and have them linked up as part of my menu plan next week.

I did end up making a tray of brownies throughout the week, and have managed to eat half of them :). Yesterday morning I made up another batch of muffins (6 x Texan size, banana and choc chip), another brownie tray, and 15 no-bake granola bars. Yummo! 

I also made up a double batch of vegetable sauce this evening while dinner was in the oven. Full of goodness! I look forward to my own vegie patch later this year so we can eat even better foods.

Here is our meal plan for the week:

Monday: Chicken potato casserole

Tuesday: Cheesy meatballs and vegetable sauce with pasta

Wednesday: Steak with mashed potato bake

Thursday: Chicken enchildas

Friday: Chicken and black bean filling on wraps

Saturday: Rissoles and baked potatoes

Sunday: Probably cheese on toast

So that's how we're lookin' for the coming week. Next Monday I will have a couple of photos,  maybe more. I am planning to post about a recipe, which will likely be something sweet. :)

What are you eating this week?

Monday, 19 March 2012

Update on the thirty by thirty list...

Yikes! Not so much success!
I think I will review and do a new list, of '40 by 40'...

Thirty things to do before I’m thirty

  1. Travel to Western Australia

  2. Pay off my car loan

  3. Take a sign language class

  4. Walk at least 5 km in a walking event

  5. Go on a caravan holiday for at least 5 days - went camping for that long though

  6. Do a study on each book of the Bible

  7. Go to the Australian Association of Social Workers annual conference - 2008

  8. Supervise a social work student

  9. Volunteer at crèche at church for a whole term

  10. Run a garage sale

  11. Travel overseas with family or friends - went to New Zealand

  12. Sponsor a child

  13. Write my will

  14. Go to the theatre

  15. Learn to drive a manual vehicle

  16. Learn to dance

  17. Enroll in a TAFE course - but didn't complete it

  18. Adopt a pet - Sooty, our cat

  19. Hire a stretch anything for an hour

  20. Host a brunch

  21. Print a Bible verse on a t-shirt

  22. Be vegetarian for a week

  23. Join a book club

  24. Complete a 2000 piece puzzle

  25. Make a list of the top 5 people who have positively influenced me and write them all letters (0/5)

  26. Hire someone to clean my house at least once - for about 2 months

  27. Sew a piece of clothing - I made a vest for Imogen to be a pirate at Playgroup

  28. Contribute to wikipedia

  29. Live without TV for two weeks in a row

  30. Save an emergency fund of 9 months (0/9)

I think some of these not done things may make it onto my new list, but some won't. We'll see. I might try to get my '40 by 40' list up by the end of March.

What's on your list of big to do's?