Monday, 19 March 2012

Update on the thirty by thirty list...

Yikes! Not so much success!
I think I will review and do a new list, of '40 by 40'...

Thirty things to do before I’m thirty

  1. Travel to Western Australia

  2. Pay off my car loan

  3. Take a sign language class

  4. Walk at least 5 km in a walking event

  5. Go on a caravan holiday for at least 5 days - went camping for that long though

  6. Do a study on each book of the Bible

  7. Go to the Australian Association of Social Workers annual conference - 2008

  8. Supervise a social work student

  9. Volunteer at crèche at church for a whole term

  10. Run a garage sale

  11. Travel overseas with family or friends - went to New Zealand

  12. Sponsor a child

  13. Write my will

  14. Go to the theatre

  15. Learn to drive a manual vehicle

  16. Learn to dance

  17. Enroll in a TAFE course - but didn't complete it

  18. Adopt a pet - Sooty, our cat

  19. Hire a stretch anything for an hour

  20. Host a brunch

  21. Print a Bible verse on a t-shirt

  22. Be vegetarian for a week

  23. Join a book club

  24. Complete a 2000 piece puzzle

  25. Make a list of the top 5 people who have positively influenced me and write them all letters (0/5)

  26. Hire someone to clean my house at least once - for about 2 months

  27. Sew a piece of clothing - I made a vest for Imogen to be a pirate at Playgroup

  28. Contribute to wikipedia

  29. Live without TV for two weeks in a row

  30. Save an emergency fund of 9 months (0/9)

I think some of these not done things may make it onto my new list, but some won't. We'll see. I might try to get my '40 by 40' list up by the end of March.

What's on your list of big to do's?

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