Thursday, 24 April 2008

My thirty list

So, still in the throes of packing and moving, but I decided to have a crack at making that list of thirty things to do before i'm thirty.

No as easy as I had thought! I had a look at many other lists - there are quite a few - of things to do ... before thirty, forty, dying...

I think my list stretches me, but is not unattainable. i'm going to try some new things along the way, updating the look of the list and giving regular progress updates.

Here it is...

Thirty things to do before I’m thirty

  1. Travel to Western Australia
  2. Pay off my car loan
  3. Take a sign language class
  4. Walk at least 5 km in a walking event
  5. Go on a caravan holiday for at least 5 days
  6. Do a study on each book of the Bible
  7. Go to the Australian Association of Social Workers annual conference
  8. Supervise a social work student
  9. Volunteer at crèche at church for a whole term
  10. Run a garage sale
  11. Travel overseas with family or friends
  12. Sponsor a child
  13. Write my will
  14. Go to the theatre
  15. Learn to drive a manual vehicle
  16. Learn to dance
  17. Enroll in a TAFE course
  18. Adopt a pet
  19. Hire a stretch anything for an hour
  20. Host a brunch
  21. Print a Bible verse on a t-shirt
  22. Be vegetarian for a week
  23. Join a book club
  24. Complete a 2000 piece puzzle
  25. Make a list of the top 5 people who have positively influenced me and write them all letters (0/5)
  26. Hire someone to clean my house at least once
  27. Sew a piece of clothing
  28. Contribute to wikipedia
  29. Live without TV for two weeks in a row
  30. Save an emergency fund of 9 months (0/9)

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