Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Num Nummies Monday 28th October

Hubby and I have decided to join Tricia’s family at little eco footprints by going supermarket free in November. They have done it all year, but we are trying just for one month.

So I am thinking a little harder about our menu plans, and what meals are possible with more local, sustainable foods. I have been super excited that Farmer’s Markets have started nearby us in Lake Macquarie, but they are only on fortnightly. We are totally going to be spending Saturday mornings there over summer.

This week's menu reflects the emptying of our freezers, and the warmer weather.

Menu Plan for this week:

Monday: Chicken sausages and rice, cheese and broccoli casserole (freezer)

Tuesday: Meatballs and potato gems

Wednesday: BBQ – Lamb chops and vegies

Thursday: Sloppy joes on baked potatoes

Friday: Pizza

Saturday: BBQ – Steak sandwiches, with salad

Sunday: Slow cooker pork, apple and sweet potato, following this recipe from OAMM

Review of last week: Things got switched around a little. We didn’t end up eating pizza at all. And the roast didn’t happen yesterday, as I neglected to take it out of the oven on Friday in order to defrost in time. The honey garlic chicken was very yummy, but we didn’t have it till Friday night, before hubby went to watch some A League soccer (football).

The chicken and potato casserole is always a winner, but it is a little thick and filling for summer. Perfecto for winter though! I am unlikely to be making it again before Autumn next year.

No photo this week. Batteries are dead in the camera. I am more interested in making posting my menu plan a habit than in worrying about having a photo. But definitely next week.

What's your favourite meal on the bbq?

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tricia said...

I'm pleased you are giving it a go! I've only just caught up on reading my comments after a few weeks on the road.

How are you going with the challenge so far?