Monday, 21 May 2012

Crafting - the letter 'I'

Imogen and I have finally ventured into the land of glue.

Imogen would have gone there a long time ago if she had her way, but hubby and I have tried to avoid it. She has known for a long time what the glue stick is, and that her dad and I don't want her to have it without us.

Last week I succombed and we tried a collage with coloured paper on the letter 'I'. I am rather certain that I did more of this collage than Imogen. She seemed more interested in the glue stick with its lid off than in actually sticking anything on the paper with the glue.

I freehand drew the letter 'I', and used the glue stick on the inside of the letter, with Imogen watching. I put down a couple of pieces of paper, hoping she might understand how it worked, but I wasn't communicating something properly as she kept wanting to put paper down where I had not put glue.

Eventually I just put glue all over the paper and she stuck where she liked. She was also quite into putting the paper onto the glue stick and then sticking it down that way.

This was her final masterpiece - with a little help from her Dad and me!

Yesterday we tried something else. I came across this post for glue over the weekend - home made natural glue -  and thought it sounded pretty good. Especially as it should last for a while and Imogen can accidently eat it and won't be ill. She's not really one for putting stuff like glue in her mouth, but you can't always be sure.

Anyways, I whipped some up in the morning while Imogen was catching up on Play School, and we took it outside once it had cooled down enough.

I had picked up a couple of rolls of brown paper a few months back, thinking of crafting, but today was the first day it has been used also. It will be coming out again very soon I think!

Here is Imogen soon after we started:

I stuck the paper down with sticky tape, but it didn't work particularly well. Next time I will use packing tape.

Imogen thought she might try pouring the glue on the paper.

She also felt that the paper wasn't ripped up small enough.

This was as far as we got today.

I wasn't sure when we finished up if I might try again tomorrow with the same page, but I think I might leave it as is, and start a new one. When the 'I' is dry, I plan to blue tac it to the wall above her play table inside. 

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