Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Num Num Nummies Monday #5... a bit late

Ah well, better late than never.

It is mid May, and I would like this baby to come soon. So I have done a couple of weeks meal planning this time. I will put up just this week's, and attempt to schedule next week's for Monday.

Menu plan for Monday 14th May - Sunday 20th May

Monday: Red curry chicken and rice

Tuesday: Apple pie pork chops, with mash and veg (but I just make them fresh)

Wednesday: Santa fe chicken (freezer meal)

Thursday: Lamb chops and potato bake (bake from the freezer)

Friday: Curry chicken and rice

Saturday: Meatballs, veg sauce and pasta (meatballs and sauce from the freezer)

Sunday: Cheese on toast

Breakfasts will be either porridge in the slow cooker, or cereal and toast. I have made up some yummy breakfast 'cake' that is delish grilled with some butter on top. I am also planning to make fresh muffins for breakfast on Sunday, and freeze a batch at the same time.

This morning we tried this recipe - Overnight, Slow Cooker Banana, Coconut Milk Steel-Cut Oatmeal. I thought it was alright, but hubby thought a bit bland. I will definately make it again, but I might add some more of the spices. For breakfast on Monday I am going to try this one - Apple Cinnamon Steel-Cut Oatmeal.

This weekend I am planning to make some french toast sticks for the freezer, as I think I will be munching on those when the bub is born. I am also making some slices for the freezer. I made a double batch of some no bake weetbix slice on Tuesday, and I need to get a recipe from my MIL for a choc slice she brought with her a few weeks ago.

I also have a recipe for 'labour inducing cookies' - LOL! i will make those up this afternoon and munch on them. They seem to be ginger biscuits with a few other spices added in. Nothing will hurt!

I am only 38 and a bit weeks, so I not it could still be another few weeks. But as we had Imogen via C-section I am not particularly wanting to go over my due date. And I will be booking in for another c-section rather than try to be induced. So I will try almost anything! No castor oil thanks.

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