Monday, 21 May 2012

Num Nummies Monday #6

I was so hopeful that the baby would have come by now that I attempted to schedule this post. Well, that didn't work - I think it has something to do with timing, as I'm in Australia and I think it is more suited to US times. I will try to figure that one out.

As it turns out, I needed to change my original plan anyway, as my parents are arriving today to help out with last minute things before the baby arrives, and to look after Imogen when bubba does choose to come. I am hoping to clear out most of the freezer again and cook some fresh things for it this week.

Menu plan for Monday 21st May - Sunday 27th May

Monday: Curried sausages and rice (freezer meal)

Tuesday: Shepherds pie (this will finish off this freezer meal)

Wednesday: BBQ lamb chops and sausages, and potato bake (all in the freezer)

Thursday: Red curry chicked and rice

Friday: Enchildas and rice (will be making the enchildas for the freezer on Friday morning)

Saturday: Another curry

Sunday: Cheese on toast

This baby had better come by the time I finish with all these curries!

This morning we tried a new slow cooker porridge - yummo! It was one with apple in it, and I am loving all things apple at the moment. In the last ten days I have made apple sauce, apple butter (super sweet), apple pie pork chops and now this breakfast.

Of course I made slightly too much, as I thought I should probably follow the recipe before I change any quantities for the three of us. Last week with the banana one I changed it, and I should have made it complete first. I love porridge so I don't mind having a little too much! But there is only so much I can eat right now. I should try putting some in the fridge and reheating in the afternoon.

Breakfasts this week will be cereal, toast, porridge, and toasted fruit loaf or fruit cake. Lunches will probably be mainly sandwiches, but I think I will also organise some pies and french toast, especially for Imogen, as I am going to try to feed her and I before her lunchtime nap. We'll see how that goes. My Dad eats lunch early so we might try to slot in with him.

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